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party out with friends


Enjoy the night with friends. Help with the kids is on the way. Night Out Nanny gives you an option to hang out, have fun without worrying about your kids.

take a date night.

 Grab your partner and be spontaneous. Book a romantic dinner or just a movie date. Get to know each other again...and the kids?
Leave that to us. Tonight is your night. Just the two of you...

stress-free. hands down.

we take good care of your little ones.

spend time alone.

Need just a few hours to regroup? Is stress wearing you down? 


Meditate. Take a walk. Take some downtime.

We'll take time to care for your tots. 


indulge in your passion

Preparing for a competition? Want to get back to your hobby? 


You can do it all and then some. Night Out Nanny will take care  of your little (most important) fans...


"Cat Ho is pure and simple a modern day Mary Poppins.  Cat is a social worker by training who gives unstintingly of her time helping those less fortunate. Cat is wise beyond her years and very responsible.  She was never even a minute late or unreachable and showed commendable maturity and good judgement in dealing with the bumps and bruises that any child encounters in life.  Our family has been truly fortunate in having Cat in our lives.  She is a beautiful person and we will treasure forever that she has become our friend and a part of our family.  Six stars.”

- Michael Van Camp

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